Test of English as a Foreign Language

The TOEFL test measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand North American English. Many Universities and Colleges in United States and Canada require the TOEFL test as a part of their admission requirements.

There are three versions of the TOEFL Test:

PAPER - using pen and paper to complete the TOEFL test
COMPUTER - using a computer to complete the TOEFL test
TOEFL iBT - The new Internet based exam now used in Chile.

TOEFL iBT Test - Internet-Based

Reading Comprehension
60-100 minutes
3-5 Passages (12-14 questions each)

Listening Comprehension
60-90 minutes
4-6 Lectures (6 questions each)
2-3 conversations (5 questions each)

Check out our TOEFL iBT Listening - Student Conversations Vocabulary.

20 minutes
6 Tasks - 2 Independent and 4 Integrated

20 minutes - 1 Integrated task
30 minutes - 1 Independent task

Paper-Based TOEFL Test Content

Listening Comprehension
35 minutes (50 questions)
25 minutes (40 questions)

Reading Comprehension
55 minutes (50 questions)

Test of Written English (TWE)
30 minutes (1 Essay of at least 250 words)

Computer-Based TOEFL Test Content

Tutorial - No time limit

Listening Comprehension
0-60 minutes (30-50 questions)

15-20 minutes (20-25 questions)

Reading Comprehension
70-90 minutes (44-60 questions)

Test of Written English (TWE)
30 minutes (1 Essay of at least 250 words)

What is tested in each section?

Listening: measures your ability to understand conversations in English as it is spoken in North America.

The listening section of the computerized TOEFL is computer-adaptive. This means that the computer will give you test questions aimed at your ability level. How?

If you get an answer correct, the next question will be slightly harder.

If you get an answer incorrect, the computer will give you an easier question.

Structure: measures your ability to recognize language appropriate for standard written English. Grammatical knowledge is tested. The structure section is computer-adaptive.

Reading: measures your ability to read and understand short passages taken from general and academic topics. The reading section is not computer-adaptive.

Writing: measures your ability to write an essay in English. You have 30 minutes to compose one essay on a given topic. You are expected to present your opinion and support it with evidence and examples in an organized way.


PAPER TOEFL TEST: 310 - 677 points

COMPUTER TOEFL TEST: 0 - 300 points

TOEFL iBT: 0 - 120 points

There is no pass mark in TOEFL, though each university and institution has their own TOEFL score requirements.

TOEFL Score Comparison

640-677 273-300 111-120
590-637 243-270 96-110
550-587 213-240 79-95
513-547 183-210 65-78
477-510 153-180 53-64
437-473 123-150 41-52
397-433 93-120 30-40
347-393 63-90 19-29
311-343 33-60 9-18
310 0-30 0-8

TOEFL Results are valid for two years.

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