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Halloween 2004 Photos

Student Party

Fiesta de Alumnos


The following Halloween Party photos are for our students to remember the great night we had. There were lots of great costumes.

For our students that would like to see the rest, just let us know.

There are many more!


Is that two Catwomen that I see? The Catwomen welcoming everyone and inviting them to dance. (These ones don't bite and scratch... too much)


Fortunately we had our own priest to make sure everything was in order and respectful. (yeah right!)

Here our priest is giving us his blessing, or was he asking for divine help to stop the room from spinning so quickly around him?

A blessing from the Priest


One of the Big Group Photos One of the group photos that we took around 2 in the morning. Everyone came at different times of the night. It probably had something to do with it being a long weekend and local elections. There were about 40 people overall having a great time.


Lady Angelica officially making Rob a knight. All this under the watchful eyes of the Queen of Hearts.

I know that Angelica wasn't just going to knight me but to remove my head. She said it would only be temporary and that she would put it back. ???

Becoming a knight OR about to lose his head


Catwoman showing her stuff The Queen of Hearts How's that for a pose!

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. (Isn't that Madonna's song?)


Lots of Smiley People

Halloween Group Photo on the Dance Floor

 A couple of photos at different moments on the dance floor. 

No-one is shy of cameras are they?


Snow White Smoking on the Sofa

I didn't know that Snow White liked to Smoke. Maybe she wasn't so white after all. Especially when she would lift up her skirt on the dance floor and say "Ok, little dwarves, it's time to come out and play!"


Catwoman and The Count The Barbarian Couple
Catwoman and the Count The Barbarian Couple


New Zealand Girls The three Kiwi (New Zealand) Girls. The witch, the sheep and the joker. (Do you like my Bikini?)


The girls in the BBQ Patio
Lots of smiley people - I like that!


Scream and the Witch in Reception

Don't they make a lovely couple?

His mask was great because it had special pumps to make it look like blood was constantly flowing down his face. (Well I hope they were pumps!)


In the BBQ patio recovering from the dancing. Either that or just hanging out where the food and drinks were. (Very wise!)

In the Patio, recovering



(You know the rules. If you weren't there, we can't tell you all the details.)     


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